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PART #                        DESCRIPTION                                   US$ PRICE
ECM LUNA Personal Pick & Place series
PPP II kit

640 x 670 mm X/Y gantry --------------------------1,200
     380 X 395 mm Max working area
with Pick up head ---------------------------------1,840
plus 4 stepping motors & actuator--------------------2,760
plus PCB holder and tape base-----------------------3,260
plus console & cover-------------------------------3,740
Electronics cameras (3) vision capture board + software--3,700

Complete kit with fixture, manual + software---------Not available now
         Nozzle kit(5) ,10 X 8 mm auto cut tapes included
Free size PPP is available from 300 x 300 min to 800 x 800 max
Ask for quote and delivery  EXAMPLEball mounter

Model PPPII MAIN FRAME   640 x 670 mm--------------9,900
assembled and tested by factoryPPP II catalog
30x 8mm,4 x 12mm Cut tape capacity
380 x 395mm max working area, Cut tape actuator included.
Flying and bottom vision
IC tray holder, 10 x 8mm auto cut tapes included
Vision board included
Requires a PC with at least one PCI slot Windows XP/7

077143 Cut tape 5 x8mm Block Center------------------375
What is cut tape
077142 Cut tape 5 x8mm Block Left---------------------375
077144 Cut tape 5 x8mm Block Right--------------------375
077145 Cut tape 4 x 12mm Block-----------------------375
077189 Cut tape single 12mm Block Right----------------115

077190 Cut tape 2 x 12mm Block Right------------------215
077191 Cut tape single 16mm Block Right----------------115
077192 Cut tape 2 x 16mm Block Right------------------215
077193 Cut tape single 24mm Block Right----------------115
077194 Cut tape 2 x 24mm Block Right------------------215

077195 Cut tape block 2 x 12mm 1 x 16mm 2 x 24mm------375
077196 Cut tape block 2 x 12mm 2 x 16mm 1 x 24mm------375
077178 Auto Cut tape 5 x8mm Block Center--------------385
077179 Auto Cut tape 5 x8mm Block Right---------------385
077180 Auto Cut tape 4 x 12mm Block Center------------385

077181 Auto Cut tape 4 x 12mm Block Right--------------385  
What is auto cut tape
077182 Auto Cut tape single 12mm Block Right------------125
077183 Auto Cut tape 2 x 12mm Block Right--------------225
077184 Auto Cut tape single 16mm Block Right------------125
077185 Auto Cut tape 2 x 16mm Block-------------------225

077186 Auto Cut tape single 24mm Block Right------------125
077187 Auto Cut tape 2 x 24mm Block Right--------------225
077158 Auto cut tape block 2 x 12mm 1 x 16mm 2 x 24mm---385
077188 Auto cut tape block 2 x 12mm 2 x 16mm 1 x 24mm---385
077176 Additional feeder base---------------------------250

077235 Stamp dispense disk-----------------------------750
What is stamp dispenser
077236 Stamp dispense needle kit (3) with nest-------------600
077243 Rewind Reel--------------------------------------3
Model 7702 MAIN FRAME------------------------------18,750
2 cut tape bases with bottom, flying vision                              
390 x 310mm PCB (70 feeder capacity) in cover
Model 7711 MAIN FRAME---------------------------------20,000
1 bases with flying vision system          
390 x 390mm PCB (27 feeder capacity) in cover
Model 7712 MAIN FRAME----------------------------------21,250
1 bases with bottom and flying vision system
350 x 310mm PCB (27 feeder capacity) in cover
Model 7722 MAIN FRAME----------------------------------22,500
2 bases with bottom and one flying vision system
390 x 310mm PCB (54 feeder capacity) in cover
Above 77xx series include computer,monitor etc and I/O cards
077175 Front Auto cut tape actuator------------------------------680
077224 Rear auto cut tape actuator-------------------------------680
  Tape cassette
077040 8MM SLIM TAPE CASSETTE for NX series--------------325
077040 MORE THAN 100-----------------------------------250
077040 MORE THAN 80------------------------------------275
077040 MORE THAN 20------------------------------------315
77045 8mm Tape Cassette 2mm advance for 0402 (1005 metric)---375
077044 8mm Tape Cassette 2mm advance for 0201(0603 metric))--400
077041 12MM TAPE CASSETTE------------------------------400
077042 16MM TAPE CASSETTE------------------------------565
077043 24MM TAPE CASSETTE------------------------------775
077046 32MM TAPE CASSETTE------------------------------875
077047 44MM TAPE CASSETTE------------------------------975
075114 PCB CONVEYOR for LUNA series---------------------7,500
ML200S PCB LOADER-------------------------------------9,500
MUL200S PCB UN-LOADER---------------------------------9,750
SHIPPING/HANDLING CHARGE                                                        Ask quote
Option Digital dispenser 10CC with height sensor---------------3,125
076278 SOP stick feeder 10-16 mm---------------------------625
076279 SOP stick feeder 16-22 mm---------------------------625
076280 SOP stick feeder 26-32 mm---------------------------625
076436 SOP stick feeder 6-12 mm----------------------------625
075624 8LANE SOP VIBRATORY FEEDER---------------------2,125
074954 NOZZLE,0.8 DIA--------------------------------------60
074955 NOZZLE,2.0 DIA--------------------------------------60
074956 NOZZLE,QFP-----------------------------------------60
074957 NOZZLE KIT (5)--------------------------------------300
074965 MELF NOZZLE,1/8 WATT-------------------------------125
074966 NOZZLE,0.5 DIA---------------------------------------60
074969 MELF NOZZLE,1/4 WATT-------------------------------125
076596 NOZZLE for 0201(0603 metric)--------------------------125
075729 PCB BACK UP MAGNET ASSEMBLY-----------------------15
075730 PCB STOPPER MAGNET ASSEMBLY-----------------------16
076817 Tape feeder stocker 27 capacity-------------------------500
076823 Tape feeder stocker 27 capacity on cart------------------750

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